Health Care

eye camp Eye Camps:

We continue to conduct large eye care camps in various villages where we provide underprivileged people with free cataract operations and eye checkups through the services of eye specialists and surgeons. All patients undergoing eye operations are also provided with adequate post-operative care. Over 12000 patients have taken benefit of these operations and hundreds have been benefited by eye checkups and post operative treatment. In just last one year, about 5600 surgeries have been sponsored by us. All these surgeries are without any cost to the patients.

Plastic Surgery:

We have conducted free corrective cosmetic surgeries to change the lives of people affected with squint eyes, cleft lips, cleft palate and disfigured faces. On an average, about 400 such corrective surgeries are performed throughout the State of Maharashtra. The patient population envisaged under this activity are young children especially girls to ensure they are not outcast in the society due to birth defect.

Blood Donation:

With second highest population in the world, there is tremendous requirement of blood for patient care. Unfortunately, there is an endemic shortfall of this precious resource. Every year we organize a blood donation drive at all our locations for our team members to contribute to this noble cause.

Jaipur Foot (Prosthetic Leg Surgery):

We have undertaken a new initiative to provide artificial limbs to people who have lost them in accidents, medical reasons or due to birth defects. Many of such sufferers are unable to walk and carry out daily activities without help and become additional burden on their family. In the first camp organized this year, about 340 patients were provided with customized prosthetic limb. These individuals can now take active part in the society. Most are also able to start working and earn a living for themselves, giving them self confidence and belief while earning respect in the society.